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When those potholes in the road start to feel like the Grand Canyon, it might be time to get your suspension checked out by our expert technicians at Bion's Full Service Auto Care in La Crosse, WI. They wear out gradually so you may not notice it immediately. Your suspension should be checked once a year to keep it working properly.

• Shock replacement

• Strut replacement

• Air shock replacement

• Suspension inspection

• Ball joint replacement

• Tie rod replacement

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At Bion's Full Service Auto Care, we always look out for our customers' safety and well-being. You can trust the service you receive here. Call today for your inspection. 608-782-6159

Bion's Full Service Auto Care has been in business since 1929 for good reasons. We know service means everything to you, as it does to us too.

If you notice your tires are wearing unevenly or you are noticing extreme bouncing when you are driving, get your suspension checked now.


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